Comparative analysis of efficiency for the different couplings on the market

To create this comparison we have selected six sizes of excavator between 8 Tn and 46 Tn, select the one you wish to check.

Comparison of efficiency for 7 to 11 Tn couplings

excavator coupling systems

The figures for the coupling weight increase, has been obtained from the increase of mass moved by the maximum cubic capacity bucket recommended for the said excavator. The density value for the material is 1,600 kg/m3

The data for maximum breakout force are those offered by the manufacturer of the excavator selected for this study.

The percentage drop for maximum breakout force is due to the direct link between greater leverage as a result of increasing the arm/bucket height
on the bucket open/close cylinder.

excavator couplings excavator couplings


As we can see, an excavator is more efficient when it is not fitted with a quick hitch. This, however, causes problems when it comes to change equipment. Equipment changes represent a loss of effective working time, along with the risks it poses when handling hammers, pins, etc, by one or several people.

It can also be seen that our GO-MAX coupling has practically a 100% efficiency rating, which is only offset by a small increase in weight and which can be easily compensated for by using GRADO CERO buckets.

We leave it up to you to assess the weight increase and, especially, the high loss of breakout force compared to other couplings studied.

For any queries about this comparative study, please get in touch with us. We will be only too happy to help you.

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