Grado CeroGrado Cero

Located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, founded in 1990.

Initially the company concentrated on machining precision parts to plan. Due to market forces, our business shifted to the repair of excavation machinery and, in 1991, we developed our first quick hitch for excavators.

We have 18 years’ experience in the manufacture and sale of implements for excavators. With a wide range of quick couplings, buckets and special implements such as rippers, hitches, etc. At present we are market leaders, providing solutions for machines from 0.8 Tn up to 120 Tn.

excavator buckets

Our installations consist of 3 plants:

Plant1 Plant2 Plant3

Covering 8,000 m² in total spread between two buildings:

Metal plate is processed in building 1.

  • Metal plate stock: With an average of 500 Tn being processed.
    This metal plate basically comes from SSAB OXELÖSUND, DILLINGER AND RAUTARUUKKI.
  • Cutting: CAD / CAM cutting on two plasma cutting machines with 90 mm cutting capacity.
  • Folding: 350 Tn folding machine.
  • Bending: Five bending rollers to complete the bucket range.
In building 2 we assemble and weld all of our products, following a strict order with operators qualified for each production stage.

The machining of all the parts that go to form our equipment is done in installations covering 3,000 m²

We use state-of-the-art machining and turning centres to achieve quality parts in competitive times.

A 4,000 m² building stocked with a full range of finished equipment.

The production management for our group is carried out from this plant.

Our Sales office and the R+D+I technical development department are housed here.

Grado Cero
C/ Arangutxi, 15. Pol. Ind. Jundiz, 01015 Vitoria ( Álava ) · Tel.: 945 290555 ·
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