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The GOBIT coupling is a product designed specifically by GRADO CERO to provide the perfect solution for changing equipment on mini and backhoe excavators.

Its main features are:

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1. Interchangeability of equipment.
GOBIT standards table Among the various makes and models of mini-excavators, maintaining perfect bucket open/close angles. The GO BIT models are classified into various standards that cover practically all makes and models on the market.
2. The alternative to front load work without loss of angle.
GOBIT Front load

Nowadays the mini-excavator has become an indispensable tool to replace manual labour. Work has become more complex and greater precision is required from the operator. For example we could mention the trenches below pipes or supply lines, heaping materials such as sand to prevent it from spreading, etc.

Front loading is important for this type of work.

It is also worth mentioning that GO-BIT is the only coupling that maintains perfect open/close angles in front load work.
GOBIT 2 modes
3. Maximum simplicity.
To offer functionality with low maintenance at minimum weight.
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