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The GO MAX, coupling is a system patented by GRADO CERO that brings together all of the advantages to be the most efficient on the market.

It was designed with the following factors in mind:

1. Minimum impact on the original kinematics.

2. Interchangeability with equipment from different makes and models of excavator.

3. Improved design to achieve:

  1. The smallest size adaptable to the various brands.
  2. The appropriate size to offer a reliable, strong structure.
  3. Minimum additional weight to the machine.

4. Ease of fitting.

5. Minimum maintenance.

By taking these factors into consideration we have produced a coupling that obtains the highest levels of use on the market and, more especially, total user satisfaction.

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Standard classification

The GO-MAX models are classified into various standards that cover practically all makes and models on the market.

As from a 35 Tn excavator operating weight, couplings are produced generically, i.e. each machine with its own coupling. This is due to the fact that measurement changes between the pin centres can seriously effect excavator performance.

In those cases where interchangeability of equipment for different excavator models of this size is required, GRADO CERO will advise you accordingly.

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