The bucket is the business end of the excavator, that is why at GRADO CERO
we give it the attention this product deserves.

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The complete range of buckets is made entirely from anti-wear metal plate.

In addition to being abrasion-proof, anti-wear plate offers more than double the elastic limit and tensile strength of steels that are normally used.

This means we can achieve a strong, hardwearing structure for the bucket under good conditions.


The design of the bucket is extremely important, because this will set the performance for the excavator.

Design development is basically focused around the findings from users and field tests.

Our aim with this process is to find the best load displacement / cost ratio.


Our range of buckets cover 0.8 Tn up to 120 Tn machines. Buckets for excavators of 50 Tn or more are specially constructed for each machine, bearing in mind the manufacturer’s exact specifications as well as the customer’s needs. This is why they are not shown in the following charts.

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